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14 Responses to Weight loss Update | Waist Clinchers& HCG

  • Brittney Walker says:

    Omg i wanna b mean right now bout that dumb ass ? But i wont lol

  • MagiQQ Eyessssss says:

    U said u have to drink half ur body weight n water, but u didnt tell us is
    that in gallons or ounces?

  • Jane By Confidence says:

    Thanks for sharing! Weight loss or eating better to change your life is
    something so hard but rewarding. I’m gonna try some of the items you
    mentioned. :)

  • cailin davis says:

    Your so pretty and I love your lips

  • ForeverAdrina says:

    Hey Ivy I Cant Find Your IG Follow Me So I Can Find Your Page tattedri619
    I Wanna Try The Waist Clincher;-) 

  • pradip subedi says:

    It would be a waste for you not to get rid of body fat when other typical
    people are capable to slim down easily using Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on
    google search engine). 

  • giftedsincebirth25 says:

    You should juice your own fruits and veggies at home, The shelf life on
    these products still contain preservatives. The fiber content is greater
    when consumed though so I would suggest eating them if you can. You look
    great by the way and keep up the good work.

  • Nylin Love says:

    You are so pretty !! ❤

  • bonnieBOMB says:

    You are my favorite guru.

  • YesMichelleloves says:

    Good Job! Watch out the naked juice has a lot of sugar!!!

  • Charlisa Vorice says:

    You are adorable 

  • Medina Suliman says:

    U look so pretty love the colors your wearing 

  • Hidden_truths says:

    What color is on your lips? Loovvee it!! 

  • Deanne Upshaw says:

    Where did you get your waist trimmers/corsets?


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