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  • says:

    @Ruben Carrizo There are many to choose from, things that should guide your
    decision include:
    – Protein type you’d like (whey, casein, egg, etc…)
    – Mixability (most mix quite easily)
    – Taste
    – Texture, for instance a whey protein is going to be more liquidy than a
    blended powder that includes casein which will be a bit thicker and more
    A few examples include, Allmax Isoflex is a very good whey protein isolate,
    it is expensive though so a cheaper alternative could be something like ON
    Gold Standard or MTS Machine Whey. For a blended powder TruTein is very
    good and popular. Hope this helps.´╗┐

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    @Abdullah Marafie In the video I used goal bodyweight to determine it to
    account for adaptation, you should use your current bodyweight to calculate
    your maintenance calories at that bodyweight. I used goal bodyweight to set
    a larger deficit and to account for metabolic resistance via efficiency on
    the way down. In this example it’s ~7.5% difference. Either method will
    work assuming ones goal bodyweight is within reason ­čÖé Sorry for the
    confusion as I used the annotation to address it, below is a further
    OK so here’s how the 15/kcal/lb is arrived at, start w/ 10 kcal/lb and one
    calorie for each hour of training per week, for most it’s ~5 hours per week
    so we use 15 * current bodyweight to get an estimate of maintenance
    calories. In this example 15 * 200 = 3000 kcal a 20% deficit would 0.8*3000
    = 2400 kcal. Hope this clears it up.´╗┐

  • Jotun Heim says:

    Well done for all your series of videos.You are some of the very very few
    people on youtube who explain with facts experience and good body chemistry
    knowledge.Except that i disagree with only one thing about the carbs and
    the quote that there is no such thing as essential carbohydrate.How
    carbohydrates are not essential if glucose is essential for life????I know
    that through gluconeogenessis you can have available glucose but except the
    fact that this is extremely unorthodox for the human body and of course
    carbohydrates are the number one preferable immidiate source of energy for
    human function and needs gluconeogenessis is in my opinion the proof that
    you ONLY need this metabolic mechanism on emergency situations
    strictly,like survival mode stuff ,starvarion etc.Why one must punish
    himself (because is really suffering and torture) with that kind of
    process???All serious athletes use carbohydrates for brutal training
    sessions on whichever sport they are active,and bodybuilding of course.Do
    you think that any serious bodybuilder embrace ketogenic
    diet for like permanent??Also some vitamins are especially found in fruits
    and vegetables in sufficient quantities not to speak about the fiber and
    phytochemicals.Even for fat loss carbs are important,fat burns in the
    carbohydrate flame.They have anabolic properties for driving everything
    thats important in the muscle cells and not just muscle cells through
    insulin,they are muscle sparing and of course protein and carbs are friends
    they go hand to hand when we are talking about anabolism.Carbs should not
    be demonized like this.Sure carbs like refined stuff and donuts etc are
    garbage but probably i am not referring to them and there many examples
    also in medical bibliography of chronic carb restricted diet that can lead
    to fatal cardiac problems,serious eye problems,chronic hypoglycemia lowers
    testosterone levels and numerous other bad stuff.With keto bodies our brain
    subfunctions and our training and performance is NEVER optimal.No offence
    right?Just for the sake of argument.Well done for your videos and keep up
    the good work.´╗┐

  • yadav bhattarai says:

    This video has good information, but I’m not sure about the best diet plan
    which i need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anybody
    tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have noticed many folks mention great
    things about Fenoboci Diet Plan. ´╗┐

  • netfischer says:

    3.3g of protein per kilogram!! I┬┤d love to see any research backing this as
    being advisable. I know some studies analysing the nitrogen balance who
    attest a huge varience in people, with some rare specimens utilizing up to
    2.4g/kg, but for most research your lower range limit is at the top. Way

  • AmyE4D says:

    I am a thin woman my goal is to build some muscle. Does this mean I need a
    caloric surplus? If so, how much? Thanks. ´╗┐

  • Sebastien Legros says:

    That message in front of the video is so annoying im out´╗┐

  • uni vactron says:

    i am 14 years old and my weight is 45kg and been lifting for 4 months in
    the gym and taking protein like mass tech and xxl extreme but i dont see
    any big changes and my eating is healthy and i sleep well.. so what shall i
    do please answer.. ´╗┐

  • Byron Montano says:

    i got 2 questions: are you a biochemist? im a chemist myself and i just
    find you Amazing ­čÖé and do you have product reviews of steroids? im
    planning to take one made by kp labs and i dont see a product review. im
    trying to look for reviews from u guys since i believe in u and follow wat
    u say :)´╗┐

  • Yoo0ooNa says:

    Hi, i don’t quite get the calories part. Do we calculate the Fat, Protein
    and carbohydrate’s calories ONLY or do we calculate Fat, Protein and
    carbohydrate’s calories with the calories on food. ´╗┐

  • StLucianBeautyQueen says:

    i’m female 198lbs 5’3”ins and need to know how much protein/fats /carbs
    i need to consume to lose 45lbs -50lbs would really appreciate an answer´╗┐

  • Abdullah Marafie says:

    I dont understand.. you say you weigh 200lbs and the maintainance for
    200lbs is 3000 calories. 2775 calories is for a maintainance of 185 lbs
    which is your goal bodyweight. So what is the deal with that 20%deficit?
    Shouldnt you just eat 2775?´╗┐

  • FREERIDE166 says:

    I’m training for Ultra Marathons and working toward losing 10 lbs. This
    past weeks training time (running) totals were 9hr 30min with the weeks
    calorie burn total at 6905 calories. My calorie intake goal was 2000 and I
    averaged 1990 calories at the end of the week. I’m also very active during
    the day aside from the mentioned training. I used 19 for my kcal/lb and my
    goal weight of 150. I feel very depleted at the end of the day so my
    question to you is; should I adjust my kcal number for the potential
    expended daily calories that I’m not seeing counted on the watch while
    training, or do the numbers look correct in regard to my training type and
    durations. Thanks for your time.´╗┐

  • Nitin Malhotra says:

    hi John, further question here…
    I am 147lbs (just completed a shred cycle) and now looking to start a clean
    bulk program.

    My metabolism is pretty high right now.
    At 22calories per pound of current bw, the calorie intake need will be 3234.
    Basis your recommendations – protein at 1.25, fat at 0.4, I get at.

    P = 184
    C = 493
    F = 60

    Does that sound right to you? I have never really consumed those many

  • says:

    @Vadim Chetinin Thank you for the kind words.No scale needed as most of the
    foods are stored in a database so ultimately you are taking about maybe 5
    minutes a day using something like MyFitnessPal. You become accustomed to
    reading labels etc… to approximate intake. If you need help calculating
    yours let me know.´╗┐

  • Ruben Carrizo says:

    Hello there, I am 18 years old and I’m a soccer player! I am 5’6″ inch and
    I weight 175 pounds. I am looking for a protein that will help me lose
    weight and get lean but also help me build muscles too! Please reply, I
    need some advice.´╗┐

  • Thad Castle says:

    very good video´╗┐

  • Peter Barraclough says:

    hi good video. 15cal per lb- what if u aint active? or i f u do 90min
    exercise per week etc. what do u use as figure for calories? cheers peter´╗┐

  • Nate H says:

    amazing video ty much´╗┐

  • Pelenita Tulisi says:


  • samer albalushi says:

    I’m planning to Lose weight
    Is there same protin with 0 Fat?

  • Neby Moges says:

    7:35 was the funniest thing y’all did haha´╗┐

  • Sergio Amezquita says:

    Hi I wanted to knoe what protien is the best to take if your trying to gain
    muscle not fat im 6,0 foot and weight 236 please reply´╗┐


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