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Fruit Infused Water recipes and tips to help you drink more water! You hear it all the time — for weight loss and better health you need to drink more water…


  • secretpolice says:


  • K4R1xKR13G3R says:

    thank you very helpful i kno alot about fitness but little slogans or tips
    and the science behind it is helpful

  • Therizinosauridae says:

    His nipples are getting hard as he speaks. LMAO

  • DanReborn says:

    what? how can you not use grams?? did you never buy/sell drugs as a kid? lol

  • Smexyyellow says:

    Hello, Darin!

  • undertaker6102005 says:

    hey don’t be so angry.Supplements are great if you know how to use them,if
    you know what to expect from them,and know your goals.Being so angry means
    you are somewhat confused. Hey I agree that you should throw away the fancy
    suppls, and stick with the basic(even on gear yes!).Protein
    Powder,Creatine,Multivitamin,Fish Oils.You can/should take them by your
    diet,but in a suppl they are in greater quantities.

  • bolts512 says:

    if you don’t mind could you post your height, weight, and body fat %?
    because apparently you have gained substantial amounts of muscle while
    keeping body fat low. i would like to know the proper nutrition and weight
    training programs to achieve this.

  • Cambria2007 says:

    lmao “for the big guys like me…200lbs” your huge! lol…. especially in
    your little sisters shirt.

  • naim hakimi says:

    i was listning to him rait unteil he said (FOR A BIG GUY LIKE

  • Tim Rain says:

    great biceps

  • omfggoogle says:

    Nice video man, keep up the good work. Thanks

  • HansSteenbakker says:

    old head

  • Therizinosauridae says:

    Sure… Where could we see him shirtless?

  • zack6158 says:

    how do u get mass?

  • Jon Doe says:

    “200-300 grams of protein – in EACH meal” lol, I think you missed that
    before posting the video. maybe 300-400 per DAY not per meal.

  • Codeyellow07 says:

    Your just jealous because your fat and dont workout

  • boom0078 says:

    i eat every 2-3 hours but there small portions mainly of chicken breast,
    lean steak and fish like salmon and blue eyed cod. CARBS well i have
    veggies like brocholli and beans/spinach/brown rice/apples/bananas/flour
    free rye bread etc

  • DanReborn says:

    Just weigh a few bits, youll get used to estimating. whenever you buy a
    packet or tin of food, look at the label and see how much it weighs and see
    what the nutritional value is per 100g. Iv been doing this for about a year
    now and i can tell you off the top of my head that a medium banana has 125
    calories, a 150grams of tuna has 27 grams of protein, and there is 20 grams
    of carbs in a slice of wholegrain bread 🙂

  • Esteban Martinez says:

    great video, is it me or does this guy remind you of Mark Wahlberg?

  • Ivan Drago says:

    what hes sayin is true… i learned nothing i didnt know from this vid, ive
    been losin fat and gaining muscle.

  • Cambria2007 says:

    ok….so please show me your squat video…or any video.

  • Danielle Smith says:

    I will give this one a try, especially the bloating feelings I have some

  • Alexia R. says:

    Great Video, I will give this go!

  • Marlon S says:

    Cool Tips! 


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