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Weight Loss Women Before and After Incredible Journey!

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21 Responses to Fat cells, weight loss (Isochronic Tones 295.8 Hz) Pure Series

  • Sarah Altieri says:

    You should make an 1 hour version of this frequency.

  • Jose Orlando Perez says:

    do i need to use headset to listen this frecuency? 

  • Keni Haswell says:

    Could be the frequency for those wanting to lose weight and, at the same
    time, it could be the frequency for those wanting to gain weight. Only our
    bathroom scales knows for sure.

  • OpportunisticHunter says:

    I want to gain weight, is this right?

  • toni collazo says:

    thank you I need to lose weight

  • atto moreira says:

    If you believe it works , then it works.

  • SuperIrene85 says:

    Is it to delete fat and stop the action of alfa receptors in the fat

  • michael maciel says:

    the recursive and incessant isochronal wave length instantiates a cognisant
    invocation native to preliminary wave lengths to parenthetical to this
    one(which invoke weightloss related contraction) which simulate the tension
    and emaciating pain from involuntary muscolo contraction whilst working

  • Simple Fat Loss says:

    Hey Couture You’ve made great strides in your progress, I’m so proud of
    you! I’ve gotten very inspired for the past 12 years from others like you
    and have gone through the same experiences, being strong I decided to make
    my own channel and post my own weight loss journey too. I think each video
    creates a domino effect, after each video you get more and more motivated
    to try harder.

  • TheLaniebaby says:

    But, what she did? I see the transformation, but not the technical.

  • Kevin Scholman says:


  • Healthy You says:

    Good job!! I lost 20pounds in 20 days with Iaso aka money tea Easy to follow and works wonders!

  • Jen B. says:

    This is my favorite motivation video

  • Carlo Bari says:

    Incredible transformation. We could cry. We know just how difficult it is
    to do this. Its about self discipline. So happy for her. Our own daughter
    lost 88 lbs todate and still working at it. She is also about the same age
    as this young lady and was built the same way. Its not a vanity thing. Its
    a health thing. God Bless them. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • kedar khanal says:

    Hey there! Have you considered – Veronique amazing body renewal (google
    it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friends mother got
    excellent weight loss with it. 

  • TheLaniebaby says:

    If she lost weight with pills, is the wrong way!!, the best way for loss
    weight is eat healthy, exercise and drink lots of water..

  • Hélène Staley says:

    Wow! Congratulations. Keep up the good work! It is a wonderful lifestyle

  • maryann scully says:

    very encouraging weight loss!

  • Bercola1 says:

    Congrats on your awesome weight loss I just want to know how you did it I’m
    205 I was 225 now I’m at a stand still help.!!!!

  • wanful50 says:

    Thanks for the motivation. Was the guy in the picture at the start, or
    after you lost the weight? Inquiring minds want to know. 

  • Sandrine Rosine says:

    Regardez cette vidéo, c’est incroyable…elle perd 90kg et devient canon!


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