Muscletech Hydroxycut Max! For Women Pro Clinical – 120 Liquid Caps

MuscleTech Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max! for Women is a powerful weight loss supplement designed to speed up targeted fat loss in women in just 120 liquid capsules. It works by maximizing fat cell receptor sites that generally appear in higher concentrations in women. It contains effective appetite suppressing and thermogenic compounds in the Max! ProDefine formula as well as pure caffeine anhydrous to stimulate metabolism and provide a noticeable energy boost. The Max! ProDefine formula is backed by two clinical trails, both of which showed significant weight loss over the placebo group. If youre looking for a targeted weight loss supplement to speed up your results from diet and exercise, MuscleTech Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max! for Women is the perfect choice for you. For Women. Powerful Weight Loss! Proven to Reduce BMI, Fast-Acting Energizing Effects, Clinically Proven Key Ingredients. New Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max-It Really Works! New Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max! delivers more of what women want in a weight-loss solution. Weight-Loss Ingredients Proven in Two Clinical Studies. Powerful Weight Loss. Fast-Acting Energizing Effects. Female-Friendly Ingredients: Folic Acid & Iron. Two Clinical Studies: Subjects Lost Significantly More Weight and Reduced BMI (Body Mass Index). Data analysis of the results from both clinical trials on the key ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max! shows there is statistical significance for test subjects losing 7 times more weight versus placebo subjects. Study One: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial conducted by third-party researchers, individuals taking the key ingredient combination (Max! ProDefine, Alchemilla vulgaris, Oeal europaea, Cuminum cyminum, Mentha, longifolia) lost an average of 20.94 lbs over 12 weeks, compared to those using a placebo who lost an average of 1.70 lbs. Test subjects also significantly reduced BMI versus the placebo group (10.2% vs 0.9%). Both groups followed a calorie-reduced

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